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This is epic.

Breaking up in person is such an old world tactic, and many people have sought out alternative methods. Emails seem impersonal, and speaking on the phone can result in having to listen to sobbing for hours.

A text message can be to the point, prompt, while being simultaneously personal and impersonal. Writing a breakup text, however, is no easy task. Now, like many other things, there’s an app for that, naturally.

The BreakUp Text app is finally here, meaning you’re just a few short steps away from finally calling it quits with your less-than-satisfactory significant other.

BreakUp Text provides all sorts of fun ways to playfully break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, giving users various options for reasons of the breakup.


You even have the choice of telling your significant other that you must leave because you were eaten by a bear. What reason would you give your significant other?

The app will cost you $.99, but it may be the best dollar you’ve ever spent if it helps avoid a messy breakup.

Gosh, I love technology….