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Yes, you read that right…

It’s a new Xbox controller that will literally suck your blood every time you get shot in a game!

Metro.Co.Uk Reports:

A new Xbox controller promises to ‘raise the stakes of gaming’ by sucking blood out of players’ arms every time they are shot – using a intravenous needle which draws blood every time the game signals their character has taken a hit.

The makers of the machine hope to finance a series of celebrity ‘deathmatches’ where players such as Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen battle against one another at games such as Battlefield: Hardline, getting progressively weaker and paler as they lose blood on stage.

It’s eerily reminiscent of the terrible Eighties Bond film Never Say Never Again, where Bond has to risk his life playing a video game where he gets an electric shock every time he is hit.

‘With Blood Sport, we’re taking the consequences of the gaming world and having them affect you in real life. So every time you get hit in the game, blood will be intravenously drawn from your arm!’ the Canadian makers promise.

The system uses the existing ‘rumble pack’ inside game controllers – used to deliver a jolt when a player is shot – to signal an intravenous needle to withdraw blood from a luckless player’s arms.

Thankfully, the system will be pre-programmed with players weight, height and ‘pre-existing medical conditions’ so that ‘Blood Sport powers down before you do!’.

Hopefully that means there will be no deaths.

The two Canadian creators describe themselves as, ‘We’re just two dudes, who took some time off. We’ve made all of this in our apartment with the help of some friends,’ and were seeking funding via KickStarter for the machine – which they hoped to launch in March next year.

The pair hoped to raise awareness of the need for blood donation with the series of public death matches.

The pair sought $250,000 funding via KickStarter – but the site has suspended funding for Blood Sport. It’s not clear whether the team will move the project to crowdfunding sites which have less strict rules for projects, such as Indiegogo.

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