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Don’t you hate when you love a song, you blast it on repeat for days and know every word after the 14th time hearing it, but all your friends are like “uhhh what the hell was that?!”

Ya you can’t deny that this has never happened to you….and it seems like every song i love, someone has something to say about it.

Even 90’s songs that you grew up listening to maybe aren’t as good as they once was….

And I’m completely guilty of this and i saw this list up at that had 21 songs that you maybe loved in the 90’s but looking back now, are just awful…. my top 3 from this list are of course

1. Everybody-Backstreet Boys (I remember rocking out in the mirror, pretending i could dance)

2. Breakfast At Tiffany’s Deep Blue Something (I still listen to this to this day!)

and finally…

3.Mambo Number 5- Lou Bega ( I mean come on, catchy but stupid i admit it)


You agree with me? well take a look for yourself….


Here are 21 songs that you maybe loved, but plain and simple are just horrible —->