There’s a few jokes that I could throw out there.. But I’m going to hold back for this one.

Amanda Bynes is upset with her parents again because they won’t give her money for an apartment…

TMZ Reports:

Amanda Bynes is a vagabond … crashing wherever she can, and she’s pleading with her parents to dole out enough money so she can get a place of her own.

Amanda is living off of gift cards courtesy of her parents — between $50 and $100 a day. She clearly can’t put down first and last month’s rent for a place to live, and as a result she’s calling on friends and former associates for help.

Amanda has been staying with 3 girls in a West Hollywood apartment for the last few days … one of whom is her hair stylist. But that’s not a long-term solution for her.

Amanda’s parents hold the key, but our sources say they are “burned out” and don’t have the energy for Amanda to move back in. Although her parents understand Amanda’s anger — after they tricked her into getting involuntarily committed at a psych hospital — they are hurt by Amanda’s public displays of anger toward them.

Amanda seems to realize she needs her parents on her side, so she’s been deleting some of the inflammatory tweets, hoping to open the bank vault.

Amanda’s parents have control over her assets, valued at $5.7 million.

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