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The biggest news in the city of Indianapolis on October 6th 2014 was the reinstatement of Gay Marriage in Marion County. More couples flooded the courthouse with marital bliss on their minds and our morning show host Kyle was there to greet them as well as offer a one of a kind experience. Kyle wanted to give any willing and able gay couple a chance to get married LIVE on Mornings with Kyle and Rachel!

There was cake, two ordained ministers, pictures, performance and most importantly, unconditional love! We are happy for the couples that were apart of this and wish them well in the future. So without further ado, watch the SECOND gay marriage live on Mornings with Kyle and Rachel on RadioNOW 100.9!

Congrats to Adam and Dave! NOW! Adam and Dave would like your assistance as they now start the process of adopting a child! To get the full story as well as support them in their effort at parenthood, please visit the link. <;

A very special thanks to Reverend Rene’ Merritt of “All Kinds of Weddings”. If you would like more info please visit and or email!

The First Two Live Gay Marriages on RadioNOW 100.9! [GALLERY]
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