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Now THIS is the definition of a “ride or die” friend. Who needs “Wrong Number Flirting” when your friends are just like the CIA?

But seriously, how DUMB do you have to be to seriously think you can successfully juggle two girlfriends at the same time?

It’s not a matter of when your cover is going to be blown– the real question is how you manage to screw things up.

Obviously anyone in multiple relationships is going to do what he or she can to prevent the walls from tumbling down, but you can only do so much.

For example, if your girl really, really wants to go to Applebee’s then you’re probably going to end up going. It might expose you, but the relationship isn’t going to last is you never want to go out.

Unfortunately, sometimes your other girlfriend’s friends happen to be at Applebee’s, too, and if you happen to run into one of them, then you know it’s only going to be a matter of time until your picture is posted on Twitter for the world to see.

1twitter caught

2twitter caught








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