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There’s apparently a lot wrong…with a little bump n’ grind.


Moline High School in western× Illinois has taken a stand against the “bootydancing” (Urban Dictionary’s oh-so-clever word, not ours), imposing a “no grinding” policy at this year’s homecoming dance. The school sent a letter home to parents saying they deem grinding “offensive and inappropriate,” and want their students to act more tame on the dance floor. Several other schools in the area have a similar rule in place.

As you can probably imagine, some students were less than thrilled about this infliction on their plans to get down and drrty. And since telling people they can’t do something usually just makes them want to do it more, they decided to take matters into their own hands. The riled-up rebel teens planned to boycott the dance by throwing their own “anti-homecoming” shindig at the Moline Club, a special events space that’s only a couple miles away from the high school. According to students at the school, most people were planning on attending that party than the official dance itself.