The Amanda Bynes story seems to be getting more interesting.

She’s believed to now be in NYC.

She was spotted recently eating by herself and putting on a redic amount of makeup.

THEN she shows up to NYC and has a HUGE bandage on her face that has people asking if she’s starting to hurt herself.

TMZ reports:

Amanda Bynes landed in New York City Friday morning with a large Band-Aid across her face.

Bynes was walking through the airport, fussing with her freshly dyed hair with a sweatshirt tied around her waist. The strangest part of her appearance was the huge bandage under her right eye … covering most of her cheek.

As TMZ first reported, Bynes was spotted at LAX before her Thursday night flight and she was acting very strange. Unclear if she had the bandage in L.A.

People close to Amanda are saying … before they can take action to get her help, she has to pose a danger to herself or others. It’s possible this is a sign of that.

Check out the pic here!!

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