Listen Live Graphics (Indy)

Ladies, you’re welcome…because this is life-changing.

There is actually an Instagram out there that is literally the answer to all of our prayers. It’s called DILFS_Of_Disneyland and IT IS GLORIOUS.

Here’s just a taste:


There’s finally an IG solely devoted to posting pictures of hot DILFs at Disneyland.

It’s a cool account because it’s just a collection of pictures of hot dads being DILFs at Disneyland.

And unless you’re an actual monster, how could you not love a good DILF?!

I know you’re probably thinking that this is creepy…

 …but it’s really not. It’s more of a celebration.

DILFs rock!

DILFs rule!

DILFs are here to stay!

And to the DILFs at Disnleyland: Thank you for being you.