Life is goooooood for Peyton Manning. Not only are his Denver Broncos 2-0, but life is good off the field too….all thanks to potheads with the munchies.


Weeks before Colorado passed an amendment to legalize marijuana, Manning started buying Papa Johns franchises in the area and now owns more than 20 pizza stores. And boyyyy is it paying off. Because nothing goes hand in hand like weed and the munchies…and the munchies and pizza.


During a recent interview with Peter King from Sports Illustrated, King asked what he thought was making the pizza industry BOOM lately and here’s how #18 responded:

“There’s some different laws out here in Colorado…Pizza business is pretty good out here, believe it or not, due to some recent law changes. So when you come to a different place, you’ve kind of got to learn everything that comes with it.”

Recent law changes, huh? *wink wink* Yeah, we see what you did there with the low key shout-out to the potheads.

Denver Broncos practice at Dove Valley

Who knew that the munchies could be so lucrative? Cheers to being mile high in the mile high city haha!



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