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I know i wouldn’t want to share with my Mom what i was watching on Netflix, Sorry if you are reading mama, i just am weird when it come to my own personal time and what i wanna watch…

It seems to more typical now-a-days that people are “sharing their passwords” with friends, family, strangers or anyone so they can be cheap asses and not have to pay for the subscription (I’m guilty of this as well #NoShame).




But i have found out over the past months of using Netflix, i wouldn’t want anyone seeing or judging me by what i am watching, they might get the wrong idea of what i am into….or vice versa if i am using their account.

But now, Netflix has made is possible for you to keep your secrets locked within you by letting you delete your browsing history, yuuuup just like the internet guys…

So if you feel the need to maybe not share what you are watching, check out how you can here….


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