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Toby Keith fans who went to his concert at Klipsch Music Center last Saturday are up in arms over after he apparently showed up drunk and stumbled through his set, even forgetting the words to his own songs. Some families spent upwards of $300 dollars on tickets and drove from many hours away just to see Toby Keith slur his words and embarrass himself as he stumbled across the stage.

According to, numerous fans reached out to Live Nation and the Klipsch Music Center on Monday in an attempt to get refunds to no avail. Neither Live Nation, the Klipsch Music Center, nor Toby Keith’s management have addressed, or even acknowledged the issue. Except his publicist claims to have gone to hundreds of his shows and says “he’s never had too much to drink” but she did note that she was not at this particular show.

So, you be the judge…drunk….or nah?

All I’m gonna say is…it sounds like he was having a damn good time. But what would be expect coming from the man who sings a song about red Solo cups?!




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