Shout-out to my dog, Gizmo, for being better than any boo I could ever have.


Seriously though…

And while scouring one of my favorite sites (, I found this EPIC post by a columnist duo who call themselves “2NOTBrokeGirls” further proving this fact of life.

Enjoy….”24 Reasons Why Having a Dog Is Better Than A Boyfriend”


They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but we call bullsh*t on that. We think a dog is actually a girl’s best friend. In fact, in most cases, we think they’re much better than boyfriends. Let us give you some reasons why.

  1. You can dress up your dog in whatever you want, and there isn’t much he can do about it.
  2. Your dog actually feels bad when he does something wrong.
  3. It’s not considered weird if you send your dog to obedience classes.
  4. You never have to wonder what your dog is doing or who he’s with.
  5. Your dog won’t criticize your cooking. In fact, he’s pretty happy with whatever you feed him.
  6. If you gain weight, don’t shower, or keep your pajamas on all day, your dog won’t judge you.
  7. Your dog won’t interrupt you when you tell him a story. Dogs are actually pretty good listeners.
  8. There are precious, designer dog collars and leashes, and your dog won’t say you spent too much on him.
  9. Your dog doesn’t hog the remote. In fact, a dog will let you watch as much of TLC’s “Bride Day” as you want.
  10. When you tell your dog to get off of you, he listens.
  11. Dogs will perform stupid tricks for you without the expectation of sex afterward.
  12. You don’t care if your dog sees you naked.
  13. Your dog doesn’t disapprove of your shopping addiction, as long as there are dog treats somewhere in your shopping bags.
  14. Chopping off your dog’s balls is not only socially acceptable, but is actually considered responsible.
  15. You don’t care when your dog looks at other bitches.
  16. Your dog’s snoring is actually kind of cute.
  17. When you don’t like how your dog’s hair looks, you can take him for a haircut.
  18. Your dog won’t judge you when you binge eat, as long as you share with him.
  19. For the most part, your dog is always down to snuggle.
  20. Your dog is happy when your plans involve not moving from the couch.
  21. You will never fall in the toilet because your dog left the seat up.
  22. Your dog doesn’t tell you how to drive when you two go out for a car ride.
  23. The closest your dog will ever come to cheating on you is humping a couch pillow.
  24. No man will ever be cuter than this:

    cute puppies












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