Last night, The Bachelorette finale was full of dramatic TV moments, but lets be honest, EVERYONE was waiting for the big moment at the end where host Chris Harrison USUALLY announces the next Bachelor  but he never did!

Here’s the rundown courtesy of the gossip gurus at Hollywood Life:

Chris Harrison Does Not Announce The Next ‘Bachelor’


We’re really excited that Andi and Josh are engaged and all, and it was really heartbreaking and not to mention awkward seeing Nick break down next to Andi, but we were really excited to learn who will be the next Bachelor. And we never did.

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Earlier during the three-hour finale event, Chris was asked by Bachelor In Paradise cast member Michelle Money in the audience who would be the next Bachelor, and Chris said, “The new Bachelor is going to be named…later.” Before putting his hand on fan-fav farmer Chris Soules, which seemed to be a strong hint…OR mind games courtesy of The Bachelorette producers.

And since Chris Harrison never dropped the news, fans are freaking out!

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Why Wasn’t The Next ‘Bachelor’ Announced?

In all fairness, it’s highly doubtful that Chris Harrison blatantly forgot to announce the next Bachelor — let’s be honest, they guy is a pro and has been hosting for a zillion years. He knows how this goes.So why didn’t they announce the next lucky guy? Perhaps ABC wants to pull in viewers to Bachelor In Paradise (premiering Monday, August 4). Now that fans are freaking out, they’re more likely to tune into next week’s new series in hopes of The Bachelor being revealed.

Another possibility? Maybe they haven’t chosen the next guy yet? Or the producers haven’t decided. First everyone was sold on the idea that Iowa farmer Chris Soules would be the next choice. But now, the rumor mill is full of gossip about the possibility of Arie Luyendyk Jr. (aka the Kissing Bandit from Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette) being the next Bachelor. And the producers have even supposedly done some filming at his home in Arizona to “see what it would be like.”

Chris or arie

Credit: Araya Diaz/WireImage; Craig Sjodin/ABC via US Weekly

So who knows.  Did Chris Harrison REALLY forget, is Chris Soules the new Bachelor, or did he drop out last minute (or producers changed their minds) and Arie Jr. is the new choice?


I guess we will have to wait and find out!


















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