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Bachelorette Andi Dorfman narrowed it down to two gorgeous men for the big finale on last night, which meant one thig: decision time!

Both of her final 2 guys (Josh and Nick) had won over her dad, but the real test was who would win Andi’s heart — and if they would propose. So, what went down? Not to worry, I’ve got the breakdown for you right here, courtesy of



As you can guess, Andi and Josh spent a lot of their final date making out. It was actually super romantic on a boat — flash back to their first one-on-one date. Also, they totally had a Pacey and Joey jumping off the boat moment, and then went snorkeling! How cute!

Unfortunately, after the date, Andi goes back to her “is-this-too-good-to-be-true” state of mind. BUT she has to remember his amazing gift! He gave her a letter with — wait for it — her very own baseball card with her own statistics. Pretty sure the only thing Josh loves more than baseball is Andi, so that totally fits.

Andi Dorfman And Candy Spelling On "Extra"

Next up is Andi’s final date with Nick. They go offroading to a lagoon for a picnic, followed by a romantic dip in the water! It was definitely a sweet moment, and Andi said that she felt “sexy” when with Nick. After the date, she heads over to his place for (yet another) cozy, couch date featuring a rambling Nick.

However, his gift one-ups Josh’s baseball card. He went back to the beach where he first told Andi he loved her and made a necklace out of the shells. Swoon! Not to worry, he also walked her through his dream weekday schedule with her which involved “makeout-ish” time.

Andi Blindsides…

On the morning of Andi’s engagement, we got a slo-mo look at both men, shirtless, opening their curtains — a scene that could be next to “Bachelorette” in the dictionary. It was time for jeweler Neil Lane to stop by the final two’s rooms so the men could pick out that ring, but we only saw him stop at Josh’s. When Nick opened the door, he found Andi (Insert dramatic music…).

Nick Calls Out Andi

Andi came in to talk and we’ve got to say, we have to give her so much credit for being honest with him. She told him when she woke up that morning, something didn’t feel right. He had told her during their date before, that last time he was planning to propose, he woke up that morning feeling like something wasn’t right — and now it was happening to him.

nick viall

Photo courtesy of The Bachelorette on ABC….with some art-work by yours truly, lol….

Nick was definitely broken-hearted, and wanted answers. “Is this more about us or is it about someone else?” he asked her, to which she shrugged her shoulders and apologized. He kept going, telling her he kind of wishes she wouldn’t have said or done certain things — like when he said “I love you,” and she said she wished she could say something back.

So, that was that. Nick was sent home and the final walk to the door was definitely awkward. He opened the door for Andi with one hand and gave her a half-hug with the other, before packing his things and leaving a rainy Dominican Republic. Heart. Break.


So, that left Josh — who came up in a sleek blue suit and had a killer (but wayyyy overly scripted) speech ready. He told Andi he gave up his “one true love,” AKA baseball and that she was the answer to all of his prayers and the “woman of his dreams.”

Andi had to do the normal mind games with her final pick (to make it suspenseful, naturally) and admitted to Josh that she was scared of him and the relationship they had — which was something she has said all along. But then, she dropped the “iffy” act and said “I’ve loved you since the moment that I laid eyes on you. I am madly in love with you. You’re it, you’re the one!” Then Josh popped the question — and she said yes!

bachelorette proposal

Credit: Hollywood Life via The Bachelorette on ABC

The rest of the episode was filled with Andi and Josh going back and forth to argue over who loved who more (you know, sort of like Junior High). Many may have felt some nausea with the amount of LOUD kissing and staring there was, but we’ve got to say, that’s one of the HOTTEST Bachelorette COUPLES EVER. Annnnd I’m jeally.

bachelorette ring

Credit: Hollywood Life via The Bachelorette on ABC

But who else thinks it’s ironic that Andi (who is from Atlanta) goes on this show AS the Bachelorette, to date all these guys, and low and behold the man she ends up choosing is from—-yep, you guessed it: ATLANTA.

Seems like Atlanta edition could’ve worked just as well but whatevs. Good luck to them!










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