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There’s no stopping Jennifer Lopez. Not now. Not ever. The Puerto Rican sensation hits the big 4-5 on Thursday and she is nothing less than spectacular and flawless.

Despite her being five years away from 50, the Latina singer and actress is more relevant than ever. How so? she keeps up-to-date with selfies, social media and fashion –just to name a few.

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No matter how successful, how old or how many men are yet to come, in our eyes she will forever be “Jenny from the Block.”

In celebration of her big day, here are 15 very J.Lo moments that we miss and want back.

1. We kinda miss Jennifer Lopez with Puff Daddy/Puffy/P.Diddy/Diddy.

Jennifer Lopez dates Sean Combs.

Jennifer Lopez and former rapper boyfriend Sean “Puffy” Combs. (Photo: giphy.com)

2. We miss her in the arms of Marc Anthony, too. Anything but Casper Smart, really.

Jennifer Lopez dates Casper Smart.

J.Lo has had her fair share of boyfriends. Our least favorite has been Casper Smart. (Photo: Giphy.com)

3. And we miss how beaming she looked preggers with their twins.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony at Movies Rock: A Celebration of Music in Film at the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood. December 2, 2007 Los Angeles, CA (Photo: Shutterstock – Paul Smith/Featureflash)

4. We actually miss her with lighter locks –this color to be exact. Que guapa!

Jennifer Lopez is modeling.

J.Lo flaunts a beautiful hair color. (Photo: Giphy.com)

5. She’s a true fashionista, but let’s face it…we miss Jenny from the Block.

Jennifer Lopez back in the day.

Jennifer Lopez became a household name in the late 1990s, early 2000s. (Photo: giphy.com)

6. We miss her dancing her butt off on “In Living Color.”

7. Her role as Terri Flores in the 1997 “Anaconda.” And, hello! those biceps.

Jennifer Lopez in film.

Jennifer Lopez as Terri Flores in the 1997 film “Anaconda.” (Photo: Giphy.com)

8. We miss her getting steamy with George Clooney in “Out of Sight.”

9. But we mostly miss her flawless acting in “Selena” –epic biopic.

10. We miss her “breaking all the rules” in her first-ever music video for “Baila” in 1998.

11. And we miss everything about her second video “If You Had My Love.”

12. In fact, we miss all the songs in her debut album “On the 6.”

Jennifer Lopez sings "Waiting for tonight."

J.Lo’s “Waiting for Tonight” is from her debut album “On the 6.” (Photo: Giphy.com)

13. We also miss the hits found in her sophomore album “J.Lo.”

Jennifer Lopez sang with Ja Rule.

Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule sing “I’m Real” from her sophomore album “J.Lo.” (Photo: Giphy.com)

14. We miss her hanging out with Janet Jackson.

15. And we miss her on-point Celia Cruz tribute performance.

Though we can’t go back in time, we’re glad she’s still around. Happy Birthday J.Lo!

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