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***Guess I should say I got excited reading this article. You can PREORDER one of these starting tomorrow, Honest Mistake***

Well this will certainly be a game changer!!

Think about how awesome it would be for you to actually send a smell to your friends from your phone.

Yes this is legit, and apparently will be availible in the coming days:

According to the Huffington Post:

Soon you’ll be able to send a friend not just a picture of a pizza, but the scent of a pizza, using your phone. Yes, really.

Harvard engineering professor David Edwards has invented a device called an oPhone that sends and receives photos and scents. You can mix-and-match 32 basic scents to create more than 300,000 unique aromas, according to the oPhone website. You will then be able to send these smells to your lucky friends and loved ones in what will be called oNotes, using an app called oSnap. 

An Indiegogo campaign looking to raise $150,000 for the oPhone launches on June 17. You’ll be able to preorder a pair of oPhones (what good is just one?) for $149 until its official launch in early 2015, after which it will cost $199.