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Obviously celebs are no stranger to stalkers.

I’m sure that most of them have dealt with one at some point in their careers.

THIS guy that’s stalking Miley Cyrus though…..  Might just be the craziest one ever!

Devon Meek has been stalking Miley for some time now.

He was even recently arrested on May 16th,  He told cops if he couldn’t meet Miley, they might as well shoot him in the head.

Miley was granted a 3 year restraining order against Meek.

Meek must stay 100 yards away from Miley for three years … he also can’t come near any of the venues where she performs … according to the court order.

Meek claims he hears screaming voices in his head and thinks Miley is talking to him through the radio. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … he is still being held for psychiatric treatment, and he’s vowed to keep pursuing Cyrus even when he’s released from the hospital.