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Sooo, a few days ago Lance Stephenson was getting flack for trash talking Lebron James. But last night during game 5, he took a much quieter approach to trying to get under his rival’s skin: by blowing in his ear.

Sure, it might he a weird and sort of childish move, but it was amusing enough to cause social media to explode with vine videos, meme’s and other hilarious takes on the now infamous “ear blow.” But in my opinion, this vine video by FAR takes the cake, thanks to a little song called “Pony” by Genuwine.

Oh yeah, and the whole “slow-mo” thing doesn’t hurt either. Lol…enjoy!



Lebron doesn’t seem to mind, but apparently some of his teammates did, including  Ray Allen, who told the Miami Sun-Sentinel: “It’s just buffoonery.”

Pacersstar Paul George had a bit of a different take on “Born Ready’s” interesting move, telling CBS Sports: “I hope his breath wasn’t too bad for LeBron.”


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