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***Tear Jerker ALERT***

This is reall touching story!

Megan Sugg, a senior at Glen Burnie High School in Maryland, wanted her terminally ill mother to see her graduate.

Megan’s mother, Darlene, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer three and a half years ago.

As Megan’s graduation came closer, her mother’s health started to get worse.

The school answered the call, and rushed to have things set up and perform a graduation ceremony this past Thursday in Darlene’s hospital room so that she could see her daughter graduate.

Family members said that Darlene was exhausted, but was aware of the ceremony and even opened her eyes at one point!

Darlene passed away on Saturday, surrounded by her family.

“I couldn’t believe they would do that for my mother and for my sister. It was magical,”

Said Megan’s brother, Steven Sugg.

“My mom actually opened her eyes up.”

Check out pics from the ceremony here

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