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Westfield resident, Lauren Fairfax, appeared on Wheel of Fortune last night!  Lauren not only appeared on the show last night, but she absolutely dominated winning $85,849!  She had already won over $35,000 and a vacation package before she even headed to the bonus round.  The final puzzle was, “NEWBORN PUPPY,” and Lauren solved it without hesitation which landed her another 50 grand!

She had this to say about the experience, “I am still amazed that a stay-at-home mom from the suburbs (who mostly folds laundry and recites her “ABC”s all day) got a chance to take part in entertaining the nation for 22 minutes.”  Now, it looks like Lauren can have someone else fold the clothes.  Congrats! Now, can we go to IHop?

She joined Kyle & Rachel this morning to talk about the experience!


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