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Even though he is 61 years old, Liam Neeson is still kicking ass and taking names. This time, it is at 35,000 feet in the sky in, “Non-Stop!” Also, it doesn’t hurt when your movie is #1 in the box office opening weekend raking in $30 million dollars.

Neeson plays Bill Marks, a federal air marshal who boards a London bound flight, but quickly realizes he is in for a flight he will never forget. Moments after getting denied a drink in first class, he gets a mysterious text telling him someone will die ever 20 minutes unless this person gets $150 million dollars. Maybe that flight attendant should’ve given him that drink.

What I wish would’ve happened next:

Bill Marks: Excuse me, flight attendant?

Attendant: Yes, Bill?

Bill Marks: Yes, could I please get that gin and tonic I asked for. I just got a text saying, “someone is going to die every 20 minutes unless they get $150 million.

Attendant: Bill, have you been hanging out with Lindsay Lohan again?

Bill Marks: I just need a drink so I don’t have to deal with this bomb on a plane shit. Also, could you please play Outkast, “Hey Ya,” while I get some sleep? Good luck with the terrorist on board.

For the next 90 minutes, the movie turns into more of a ‘whodunnit’ than an action movie. Look, if I wanted to play a game of ‘Clue’ I would’ve scooped up the board game at Target and no doubt picked Colonel Mustard as the killer who killed someone in the courtyard with a candlestick. However, in this circumstance, I wanted to see Liam Neeson shotgunning his ensure bottles and ruining people’s lives. Once the action does begin it has you holding on to your seat like you are actually going down with the aircraft you are watching onscreen.

You get repeated doses of Neeson being Neeson. He might be 61, but his newfound movie badassness is similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger or better yet, Chuck Norris. With the success of ‘Taken,’ Neeson has found himself as a lead in several action movies delivering one liners and action sequences that rival his predecessors just mentioned.

At one point near the end of ‘Non-Stop,’ Neeson even grabbed a gun mid air and fired at the hijacker. I’m not sure if Neeson had been doing calisthenics, water aerobics with people of similar age or he is just that good with a gun, but it was quite an impressive Shaun White-esque trick in the air. No doubt he would dominate the water gun game at Chuck-E-Cheese!

‘Non-Stop’ might not have been an Academy Award nominated movie like, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ or ’12 years a Slave,’ but it will have your attention till the very end where you won’t want to leave your seat to get a drink.



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