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I’d be interested to see if someone could find a show that can top this.

But a new study says that a certain “Love/Hate” TV show made ‘Merica “more sexually Promiscuous”

That show is none other than Jersey Shore.

The study wanted to see if people identified with Jersey Shore characters and, in turn, acted like them.

The answer is yes. People who watched it were more likely to feel that engaging in sexual behaviors was more socially acceptable than people who didn’t watch the show.

The study said:

Survey data from Study 2 revealed that exposure to the sex-laden Jersey Shore was related to permissive sexual attitudes among emerging adults. Wishfully identifying with Jersey Shore personalities mediated the relationship between Jersey Shore exposure and permissive sexual attitudes, as did viewers’ perceptions that Jersey Shore personalities are friends.

Bet ya didn’t see THAT comin…  ;)