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So being newly engaged, my fiance has pointed out that she can tell when I am into her, and even when I’m not paying attention.  So I did some research and ladies, guys are pretty easy to read…check out some of the signs I discovered he may be into you and signs he doesn’t give a WHAT!

Positive Body Language (a.k.a. He’s Into You):

  • He gives you long periods of sustained eye contact.
  • He moves or leans in closer to you.
  • He occasionally looks down and away out of shyness or nervousness.
  • He keeps his arms relaxed and uncrossed.
  • He gives you real, genuine smiles (as opposed to fake smiles, which are mouth-only. A genuine smile is all in the eyes).

Negative Body Language (a.k.a. He’s Just Not That Into You):

  • He keeps moving or leaning away from you.
  • His feet stay pointed away from you, or towards and exit.
  • He keeps his arms and/or legs crossed for long periods of time.
  • He continually rubs or scratches his nose, eyes, or the back of his neck.
  • He keeps looking away from you, with his eyes going to the side (as opposed to down).

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