Last week Justin Bieber had a run in with the police and was arrested.

He eventually saw a judge and paid bail and moved on.

Then there’s always that controversy, about how his BAC was off and he wasn’t speeding, blah blah blah…

Well NOW he’s having to deal with something stemming from a December 30th incident!

About 2:50am, JB and 5 other people were in a limo.  I fight broke out when a fight broke out with “One of the Passengers” and the driver..

According to TMZ:

Cops say the passenger — allegedly Justin — hit the limo driver in the back of the head “several times” during the fight, and when the driver stopped to call police … Justin fled the scene.

Bieber later turned himself in and is facing assault charges..

JB’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, says he expects this will be treated like a low level crime the equivalent of a misdemeanor is the U.S.

And, Weitzman says, “Our position is Mr. Bieber is innocent.”


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