Is today the day we actually stop standing up for this kid?

Playing the “Oh he’s just a kid” card… I think that day has arrived.

Sure TMZ reports things that are off  the wall, but this has come from multiple sources.

Justin Bieber has developed a huge drug problem that has his people telling him he needs to get into rehab and get better.

Even Selena Gomez has voiced her opinion, saying she doesn’t support his actions.

To make things even more bizzare, when the police raided his house last week, they basically gave Justin Bieber a free pass.

According to TMZ, as police searched Bieber’s place, they found in plain sight:

There were 2 large cookie jars filled with weed in plain view. There were also 4 – 5 empty codeine bottles in the mansion.  There were also 3 bongs — 1 in the TV room and 2 in the kitchen.

Law enforcement said that they didn’t take the things in sight because their minds were on searching for the things that would prove that JB egged his neighbors house.  

A hint that he’s getting a free pass on the drugs this time.  

Oh and Biebs blew about $75K last night… Jump to the next page and find out what he spent it on!

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