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We all know Lorde is 17, but how different would the song sound, if she was in her thirties…




A sampling of lyrics:

“My friends and I can tell we’re old

We count our dollars in our IRA while you party

And once we’re in our comfy clothes

We watch YouTube clips

Eat chips and feel self-pity

Cuz every song’s, like, written by a kid I probably used to babysit

Killing it by puberty while I can barely stay fit

So unfair that Lorde’s a millionaire at seventeen

And everybody’s got kids, a mortgage, real responsibility

Neck pain, diets, ‘hot chicks’ were born after me

So unfair, being carded is getting rare

And we used to be Royals

How was that 10 years ago?

Seems like yesterday 2004

I wish had another go

If I could be a high schooler

I could be the prom queen

And baby I’d rule (I’d rule) high school

Let me live that fantasy”

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