TMZ is reporting that eleven L.A. County Sheriff’s patrol cars rolled up on Justin Bieber’s house a few minutes ago and they are executing a search warrant in connection with the egg-throwing incident!!

It’s being reported that this is a Felony search warrant, and basically ANYTHING is fair game.

Sources say cops will look for anything that is relevant to the egg incident, including other eggs in the house and possible video.

So if you’re a fan of Bieber, you better hope he’s gotten rid of everything that could link him to the egging incident, or drugs for that matter.  

Latest Update :   Deputies are detaining Justin in his garage right now while they search.  They are also looking for surveillance video from Justin’s house that might capture the egging incident.

**This is a devolping story that TMZ is reporting**

P.S. – It’s said that there’s a random battering ram at the scene…

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