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Ok friends…here it is.  If you live under a rock and missed my updates on fb or instagram…now would be a good time to check it out.

I got engaged over the holidays.  I’m super pumped.  Ya know how they say, “when you know, ya know” clearly I know.

I met an amazing person who not only loves me right back, but has changed my perspective on many things.  I find I’m happier, and believe it or not more patient with people!  I know, crazy right?  She’s the ying to my yang or however that saying goes.    also couldn’t imagine not being with her every single day.

I wouldn’t have ever even posted something like this in the past but I am so excited to tell the world how happy I am.  So deal ;)

Her name is Jen.  Here’s the thing, she lives in Los Angeles.  So for a while, this will be an extreme LDR.  But if anyone can handle it, it’s us.

I’m seeing the world through a fresh pair of shades…and enjoying every second of it.  Pumped I could share this great news with you.  Here’s to a wonderful 2014.

Ok, so you obviously wanna know how I did it….I proposed here


This is La Jolla Cove, CA.  I’ve seen a few sunsets here by myself and always told myself this would be a great spot to propose if that day ever happened.  New Years Eve it did.

We hopped in the car from LA and hit San Diego in about 2 hours and made great time.  I picked up tickets to the event we were going to later…then dropped the woman off at the mall to get her nails done and get her shop on.  While she was doing that I was having my mom’s engagement ring which was passed on to me, resized and ready to go for the big night in San Diego.

Now I had to lie.  Jen wanted to check into the hotel but I still had some business to take care of.  I told her we were going to watch the sunset in La Jolla, which wasn’t a lie..what was…was I didn’t tell her I was gonna propose obvi!

I almost lost my nerve…as we approached the spot I had all picked out…there were so many tourists around.  I almost punked out.  Mostly because I was afraid someone would yell something stupid or act out and I didn’t want the memory of my proposal overtaken by some idiot.

Oddly, a marine layer of fog basically took what was set to be a gorgeous southern California sunset…into what looked like a scene from a sci-fi film.  The sky got dark with the sun on it’s way down, tourists started to clear out…I knew this was when i had to go for it.  I dropped to one knee and said “Jen, I want to love you for the rest of my life”  which was a loose take on a Chicago song lyric from the song  ‘Will You Still Love Me’ one of our favorite songs together.  Actually we love all their songs. Cheesey I know.  But it’s ours so shut up!

Anyway, she said yes.  (Thank God!)

We embraced for what seemed like hours then took selfies of us and wrecked your fb feed for days because we are so happy.  I can’t wait to see what’s next for us.

And don’t worry.  I’ll still be the same sarcastic ass you listen to daily on the way home.  Just a little happier. :)

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