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This might be the best thing I’ve seen all week thanks to a wonderous columnist on known as “Tandries2” so I obviously had to share. And of course I had to add my own 11th lesson on to the original list of 10.


Amid Frigid Temperatures, Boston Begins To Dig Out After Major Snow Storm


Snow days still happen when you’re in Adult World, right? WRONG. Welcome to  postgrad world where snow and negative temps don’t change a thing.


1. Forget the fashion contests.

Sorry kiddos, stylish hair and clothes will have to take a back seat when  it’s negative 12 outside. Everyone will show up to work wearing 17 layers, 6  pairs of socks and 3 hats. You’re better off rocking the hobo chic. Let it  happen.

2. Invest in a space heater.

Just do it. Thank me later.

3. Don’t call in sick.

Odds are, everyone you work with had this idea traipse through their brain  the minute the woke up this morning. Your boss isn’t stupid. Save the cop-out  for another day.

4. Actually sick? Suck it up.

May as well buy yourself a big ol’ bottle of DayQuil, a shot glass, and throw  it back. You’re in for a long day.

5. Eliminate any and all reasons to go outside.

Just don’t leave your desk and you’ll stay warmer, I promise.

6. You can’t skip work. No matter what rationale you use.

Unfortunately for us, work is nothing like college. You can’t skip whenever  you feel like it. You skip, you’re fired.

7. Your boss doesn’t care how cold it is outside.

Unless you work outdoors, then you can ignore this whole thing and disregard  my uptown problems.

8. Repeatedly checking The Weather Channel is useless.

In school, it was always exciting to do this. Is it going to snow more? Will  classes be cancelled the whole week? No. Because you’re an “adult” and adults  don’t get snow days. Boo.

9. Don’t look out the window.

It’ll just make you think of the better days when cold and snow meant  sleeping in.

10. Self-medicate after hours.

After eight consecutive hours of hating your life in front of a computer  abyss, drink a nice hot cup of coffee. With Baileys. Hold the coffee.

11. YES, The “Throw Boiling Water Into Frigid Air And Watch It Turn To Snow” Trick Works.

We get it. It was cool the first 3 times we saw it on videos posted on Instagram and Facebook, but by video number 50231, it’s just annoying. So, throw water to your little hearts desire, just please stop documenting it and spamming my newsfeed with your videos. I’d much rather see memes that involve Ryan Gosling please and thanks. Except if you are posting a “Boiling water throw epic fail” video that involves spilling it before you even get to actually tossing it in the air…those are still pretty funny.

water experiment


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