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This is for the 30+ people I saw on Facebook yesterday who decided to document their own experience trying the “throw boiling water in the air when its below freezing outside and watch it turn to snow” experiment. 1) Yes it works 2) You can stop posting videos about it now because it’s probably already been posted by 50 people before you on your timeline so now all of our newsfeeds are looking very monotonous. 3) Just…stop. We get it.

water experiment

But I did happen to run across one Instagram video of one of my Facebook friends who tried to do the trick and failed in epic fashion. She didn’t even make it out of the kitchen before spilling some of the hot water on herself then completely abandoning the mission. Sure, I felt bad for a second that she burned herself, but after realizing that she was laughing it off herself, I giggled too. A lot.

But it got me wondering, how many people tried that experiment and failed epicly? Well, thanks to Buzzfeed, we now have some documentation that proves the answer to that question is: LOTS.

Prepare to LOL….

Check out all the hilarity here: