Well this is just perfectly fitting in honor of Snowpocalypse 2014!



Remember how AWESOME Snow Days were when we were kids? There was seriously no better feeling than waking up and seeing that beautiful “CLOSED” alert for my school scrolling across the TV screen before going back to bed for a few hours then popping back up, decking out in snow gear like Ralphie on “A Christmas Story” and going Winter X-Games, sledding style.

Well…when you are an adult, things change…..


  • 1. When the weatherman announces the slightest possibility:


    As a kid: Skip your homework — it forces the universe to cancel school.

  • Adult-emails

    As an Adult: Immediately start emailing to make up for any potential meeting cancelations.

  • 2. You wake up and immediately check your window:


    As a kid: You run  in anticipation of a winter wonderland.

  • Adult-window-now

    As an adult: If you never look, maybe it will go away. (Ugh, that didn’t work.)

  • 3. Snow day, everything is shut down:


    As a kid: You couldn’t put on your snow suit any faster if you tried.

  • Adult-dressed

    As an adult: No work, no pants.

  • 4. Snow day activities:


    As a kid: Snowmen! Sledding! Snowball fights!

  • Adut-wine

    As an adult: Netflix. Snacks, Wine.

  • 5. Going outside:


    As a kid: If you build an igloo, you could probably just sleep there and hang out forever.

  • Snow

    As an adult: Nope.

  • 6. Scavenging for food:


    As a kid: Snow cream!

  • Adult-seamless

    As an adult: Seamless!

  • 7. Public transportation:


    As a kid: No worries, you have a sled.

  • Adult-transportation

    As an adult: LOL, good one.

  • 8. Losing your glove in the snow:


    As a kid: Mom is not going to be happy about this.

  • Glove-adult

    As an adult: Not worth going on. Might as well just give up now.

  • 9. Oh, what’s that? More snow?


    As a kid: Catch snowflakes on your tongue!

  • Adult-snow-eye

    As an adult: IT GOT IN MY EYE. IT BURNS.

  • 10. Snow clothes:


    As a kid: You run through laundry like a champ. Maybe mom will pop it in the dryer while you play.

  • Adult-laundry

    As an adult: The inside-out-underwear rule is fair game until you’re no longer stranded.






    Credit: http://mashable.com/2014/01/03/snow-day-kid-vs-adult/

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