Even thought Miley Cyrus is up for Person Of The Year, she’s still not immune to the things that every one else has to deal with…. Like getting robbed!

Miley was at Freakbeat Records buying about $170 worth of used vinyl when she swiped her credit card and was then DECLINED!!!

This prompted her crew to think that she had her bank information stolen and used…

A rep for the singer said:

“[Miley] was embarrassed when her card was denied. [But] the cashier was really nice and told her the bank probably put a hold on it because it was a large purchase, so she dug out another card and the payment went through.” 

This isn’t the first time that Miley has had problems like this.

Recently her empty mansion was burglarized and they took an about $100,000 worth of items, including a bunch of jewelry and several high-end purses!

Doesn’t sound like it was “empty” to me…

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