We knew the two have been hanging out.

But Drake and Rihanna were on a Date Night in Dallas recently.

They ended up taking a normal date night and turning it into a huge party!

They took their night to a strip club and started making it rain!

The two showed up at V Live Gentlemen’s Club separately, but partied all night long together.

All that partying cost them… …about $17,000!

Drake dropped about $12,000 while RiRi took it easy and only dropped about $5,000.

The dancer that entertained the two most of the night, Jhonni Blaze, said that they sat close together throughout the night and were very nice.

The club regulars also reportedly didn’t drink or smoke much throughout the late night partying.

But that doesn’t mean they were totes wholesome because Drake was allegedly throwing money all over the club and RiRi supposedly slapped Jhonni’s butt when she first came over to dance for them!

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