Some would ask why we haven’t been funding this?!

And I’m wondering why Justin Bieber is just now getting an ap for iPhone!

Well KINDA…  Bieber is funding a new app called “Shots Of Me” which is an app that is only selfies.

It’s said to be an app that will combat Bullying.

Menu options let users find people to follow, view their own profile, send messages to other users, and check their own follower count.

All of Shots of Me’s selfies are taken with two stipulations: firstly, the image must be captured in-app, not taken with an iOS device’s camera and imported in, and secondly, only the front camera can be used.

Shots of Me is free, and currently only available on iOS.

The developer is hoping that Bieber will bring at least a TINY portion of his 47 Million Twitter followers, and 57 Million Facebook fans to the app!

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