Hey! It’s Kyle from the morning show on RadioNOW 100.9. This is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. If you are a dog owner like me, it’s the time of year we can dress our dogs up without judgment. No doubt our dogs might give us the stank eye when we dress them up as the Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’ or in a Pocahontas outfit, but at least we have a good pic we can laugh about with our friends and family. I have a 7 year old pug named Bentley. On Sunday, I dressed him up as the ‘pugkin spice latte’ for the Arfpocalypse out at Klipsch Music Center! Over the next couple days, I want you to send me some pics of your dog in a Halloween costume! I will do my best to get your doggie pics posted by Halloween on Thursday! There is no big doggie prize awarded, but you might get to see your dog on the website! Cheers & Happy Halloween!

Send to me at ksmelser@radio-one.com or you can find me on Twitter @KyleRadioNOW!

Here is Bentley yesterday…

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