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I was in San Francisco for the past few days on a press junket for the new hit TBS show “Ground Floor” #groundfloor

It premieres on November 14th at 10pm.  I watched the first 4 episodes on the plane ride out and have to say I laughed in my seat (which probably made me look crazy to the other passengers) but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also used to live in San Francisco, so it’s nice to catch up with old friends and generally be a tourist in a city I used to call home.

On top of it all we got to spend time with the cast which includes John C Mcginley who’s been in a ton of stuff (most notably Scrubs)  here he is photobombing me!

The show features a budding romance with Skylar Astin and Briga Heelan (Brody & Jenny) only problem is they have 2 very different work lives.

–Here they are taking shameless selfies with me after our interview.

This was a fun weekend with a very funny cast of characters who are easy to get along with and very spot on funny.  At one point Skylar and I were trying to get our friends at TBS to hook up the UFC fight at the bar.

Anyway, I’ll be telling you more about this show in the coming weeks, make sure to give it a shot and even DVR it so we can chat about it together.

Below is my fav pic from the weekend, this was the view from my hotel room all weekend! and for more pics I’m on IG: Stickontheradio