Maybe this explains the ridiculous flowing mullet?

Andre Agassi was a crystal meth user in 1997.

In a tweet he since deleted, a Sport Illustrated employee dropped a bomb Tuesday morning.

@richarddeitsch: Book excerpt from Andre Agassi in the forthcoming SI: He admits to taking crystal meth during his career.

The book, “Open: An Autobiography” will be excerpted in People and Sports Illustrated this week. It’s out November 9.

Since then, a publicist for Random House confirmed the news. “Those excerpts contain revelations about Andre’s use of crystal meth when he was a tennis player,” said Paul Bogaards, director of media relations at Knopf, a division of Random House. Agassi used in 1997.

The official publisher’s description does not mention drugs.

Read the whole story from the Huffington Post HERE.

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