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Moral of the story: if Rihanna tweets about you….you’re probably going to go to jail.

I mean, so far, she’s 2 for 2.

She was in Thailand enjoying nice little mini-vaca from her Diamonds World Tour when she ran in to trouble two nights  running.

First, on Sept 20, she posted an Instagram photo that showed  her in sunglasses snuggling up to a furry primate called the slow loris, and wrote: ‘Look who was talkin dirty to me!’ BUT the animal was actual a protected species, so the guys using the animal to make money off tourists with photo ops got busted and ultimately arrested.

NOW, Thai authorities have arrested the owner of a sex show that took place inside a bar where—of course– Rihanna visited and live tweeted her entire “traumatizing” experience.

After those classyyyy tweets, the owner of the Season bar in Phuket, has been charged in connection with the lewd performance for operating an entertainment venue without a permit and for providing a lewd show.

Luckily for Rihanna, there should be no more freaky animal sex shows in her future as she has already moved on with her tour and is now in South  Africa.

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