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Well this puts a different light on things!

Unpaid interns are no longer allowed to sue their bosses for sexual harassment in the in workplace according to a judge in New York City!

This is based on the fact that they aren’t on the payroll, so they aren’t considered employees by law!

According to a source..

The judges decision was based on:

A January lawsuit filed by 22-year-old Lihuan Wang, who claimed that just two weeks into her internship at Phoenix Satellite Television US’s New York location, her supervisor lured her to a hotel room under the pretense of a job-performance review and tried to grope and kiss her “by force.” In the lawsuit, Wang said she pushed the supervisor away and ran out of the hotel room. She approached him about potential job opportunities several months later, and says he asked her to stay with him in a hotel room in Atlantic City. She refused.

For now this seems to only be in New York.. But if it was a nationwide law, what would your thoughts be?!

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