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This is THE PERFECT example of why you should think twice before you send what you THINK is a sexy selfie.

So, this guy met a girl in his local Starbucks and proceeded to hit on her and get her number. Not long after, she received this creepy gem of a video that was so re-donk-u-lous that she had to forward it to some of her friends…because, newsflash boys: This is what we ladies like to do—share everything with our girls. Pic of our hot man candy looking super amazeballs? Yep…probably gonna share that the ladies on mass text. Pic of some guido-looking dude causing a huge douche-alert at the gym by flexing in the mirror? Oh ya, definitely gonna send that to my girls…so we can all shake our heads simultaneously.

And last but not least…a creepy VIDEO of a dude trying to be sexy [and failing] to the tune of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”?? OHHHH YA! Not only will THAT be shared with all my girls buuuuuuut probably  with everyone else on the internet too.

Which is exactly what happened…


Yeah…FYI to all the dudes out there——DON’T DO THIS. You look creepy…and it’s a great way to have the girl you’re into instantly delete your number.


But out of the ridiculousness of it all came something AMAZING and viral….LOTS OF PARODIES and of course the hashtag #StarbucksDrakeHands

And here are some of the highlights. (My favorite is at the 0:17 mark)