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Thursday night was epic.  Kanye West ripped into Jimmy Kimmel for a spoof that he did, where he placed a child in an interview situation.  They had the kid give the same answers as Kayne did in a recent interview with BBC Radio:

According to the Huffington Post:

Obviously this sent Kayne off the deep end.  He took to twitter and went nuts over what happened.

Kanye said in his Interview with with Zane Lowe. He said that he feels he’s not respected as a designer by white executives in the fashion world. He contrasted his shut-out from corporate branding and designing deals to those worlds’ embrace of Lady Gaga. He noted that he’s the biggest rock star on the planet.

But what upsets Kanye so much about the spoof?….

Kimmel’s spoof was insulting because, as Ayesha Siddiqi noted last night, the sketch “didn’t even change his words, they literally replaced him with a child. That’s how White America sees Kanye and that’s his battle.”

“Kimmel did everything Kanye kept explaining always happens to him, not being taken seriously as a black creative,” Siddiqi continued.

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