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Oh dear…

The joy that was felt over Lamar Odom seeking help at rehab after his DUI arrest last Friday ended up being short-lived since he checked out the very next day


Lamar check into his attorney Robert Shapiro‘s rehab facility on September 4th and check back out on September 5th…but why? Well, sources close to Lamar say he just wasn’t ready to seek professional help, DESPITE the ultimatum from his wife Khloe Kardashian to “Get help or the marriage is over.”


She, along with his friends and family, have been doing everything they can to help him, but even after a big step forward, it seems Lamar is still not prepared to seek treatment for his drug problems.

According to, a source said, “Lamar checked into Robert Shapiro’s rehab center, Pickford Lofts, in West LA and pulled a AMA–Against Medical Advice. He left a day later.”

“This is common for a lot of users entering rehab against their will,” the source adds. “Lamar isn’t ready — he hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. The only reason he checked in is because Robert Shapiro gave him an ultimatum: Check into my rehab and I will help you with your legal problems…but ONLY if you check in!”

So sad…


Now that Lamar has checked out of rehab, his loved ones are probably more worried than ever. He was spotted later in Los Angeles, according to People magazine, but a source said that Lamar checked into rehab very independently and under the radar, without even the knowledge of his family and friends.

“We hope he’s all right but like Khloe and the rest of his family, [as far as we know] he’s a gone ghost,” said another source.

“We’re all worried,”  they said, adding that they have not heard from Lamar since the Sept. 4 report claimed he had checked into rehab.

Aww :(


Dear Lam-Lam, get help.



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