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According to, less than a year before the former star and favorite on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor as well as Bachelor Pad, Gia Allemand, passed away yesterday after trying to hang herself, she tweeted about a young bullying victim who also took her own life in the same tragic way.

Creepy. Creepy. Creepy.

Her friends and family were quick to speak of her great kindness and compassion. But Gia’s caring nature was also apparent on her Twitter, where she tweeted about her sorrow over the suicide of teenage bullying victim, Amanda Todd—a 15-year-old Canadian schoolgirl who committed suicide by hanging herself after she was blackmailed, bullied and physically assaulted.

On October 13, 2012, Gia tweeted, “BULLYS YOU SUCK RT @LuisAmazin: R.I.P Amanda she committed suicide because of bullying :’( This is her story…”

A couple days before, Gia retweeted a post from @SnarkySteff that said, “Words hurt. Pain lasts. And suicide is forever. Don’t bully. Please RT. #RIPAmandaTodd.”


In 2011, Gia confessed on Twitter that she was also a victim of bullying, so she could probably relate to Amanda’s struggles.

“As a victim of being bullied most of my life, I’m gonna say that people who can say mean things to other people and put them down are just insecure and depressed with their own life!” she tweeted.

Gia was obviously devastated by the story of Amanda’s suicide, so it’s surprising that, less than a year later, she would take her life in the same way.

So sad :(

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