Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have a 3 year old son together named, Mason.  Now, it might not be Scott’s kid after all.  A male model, Michael Girgenti, is coming forward and saying he had a short relationship with her following an August 2008 photo shoot.  At the time, Disick and Kardashian weren’t doing so well and they per Girgenti they had a fling! Girgenti filed a paternity lawsuit yesterday to request a dna sample and custody!  Of course, Kourtney denies all allegations, but a hearing is set for next month! What do you think?  Male model just trying to get attention or you think they hooked up?  

In honor of the drama, watch the quick Maury Povich clip below.  Here’s hoping that Scott never has to hear, ‘YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!’

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