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The payout for last night’s Powerball grew to over $425 million which is ABSOLUTELY CRAY-CRAY!

And we all know that when we go buy our lottery ticket (if we do, that is) the odds aren’t EXACTLY in our favor. But did you know that some states are actually LUCKIER than others.

And apparently we live in the right place! Because Indiana is the #2 luckiest state when it comes to jackpot wins…coming in 2nd only to Pennsylvania.



In fact here’s the list of the top “luckiest” states when it comes to hitting the Powerball jackpot:

Pennsylvania: 16 jackpots won

Indiana: 11 jackpots

Louisiana : 8 jackpots

Florida: 7 jackpots

Missouri: 7 jackpots

Iowa: 6 jackpots

Minnesota: 6 jackpots

South Carolina: 6 jackpots

Arizona, Connecticut, Kentucky and Wisconsin: 5 jackpots each

















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