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Miley Cyrus might be buddies with Bieber, but she didn’t hesitate to call him ‘stupid’ in public.

Like Justin, Miley has also had to deal with an incredible amount of scrutiny under the public eye. In a a recent interview with a UK paper The Sun, Cyrus admitted:

“I told Justin to take a bit of time out and people aren’t so obsessed with you and nitpick,” the 20-year-old singer told the U.K. paper The Sun. “When you’re not around, all they want is your music. They want to see what the next thing is. But when your music is out they just want to talk shit about you.”

“He’s still stupid though. But everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up, and he’s done dumb stuff. If it was your friend pissing into a mop box then you would be laughing, but because it’s Justin Bieber, then it’s really bad.”

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