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“My life hasn’t changed that much. I mean, I could do without the paparazzi taking photos of my child. But I tour, I write songs, I go through the same sh*t as everybody else. I’ve never enveloped myself in that ‘I’m a f*cking rockstar, I’m important’ thing. I don’t get it – either you’re a good person or you’re not.”

“I can use the word ‘happy’ and not flinch. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, but I’m also still living my life. I’m also exhausted, I’m sometimes really sad, I watch the news, I have a father who’s ill with Agent Orange, I have a grandmother who just passed away and friends who are single mums.”

“It’s all relative. I’m always going to have something to write about. I feel that anybody who can say they’re completely blissful and happy doesn’t watch the news and is not engaged with the world.”

“No, I’m not writing from my own absolute devastation right now, but I’ve got that embedded in my soul from the past – it’ll always be there.”

“She’s the coolest thing that has ever happened to me – she’s really f*cking cheeky and funny. She’s just totally rearranged my view on life and my outlook, in every way and shape possible. I’m still a little bit nuts and I still have a really good time, and I still am me. But I wake up and start the day with a cuddle and that is the best thing in the world.”

“My mother was so happy I had a girl, because she said then I would understand what she went through with me. I’ll have to wait until she’s a teenager.”

“I didn’t want kids. I was terrified. The relationship I had with my mother was really rocky at times. I had moments where I wanted a kid with Carey. You know – you first fall in love, and you’re like, We should have kids,’ and then it went away.”

“This is so rad. It’s more important than anything we’ve done. Now I have someone to sing goofy-a** songs to all day and she likes it. She’s not judging me. She’s probably the only person who doesn’t judge me.”

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