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The royal baby is due any day! But how can we get the news first?

According to NBC, if Britain’s royal family has its way, the world will learn the gender of the future monarch the old-fashioned way: A medical bulletin announcing the birth will be rushed out of the private Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, where the Duchess of Cambridge is scheduled to give birth.



It will then be driven two-and-a-half miles away to Buckingham Palace, where a sheet of paper will be fixed to an easel by the palace gates. There the public, if they can fight through the crush of photographers, will read the baby’s sex, weight, eye color, and any details relating to the birth that are deemed newsworthy.

However, today there’s Twitter. And the moment journalists become aware of the birth, and see the bulletin driven away from the hospital steps, they’ll go into full panic mode trying to get the scoop: boy or girl? And of course, people like me will be scouring Twitter for every detail we can get, and trying to get the info ASAP!


But the only problem is Twitter isn’t exactly the most “official” so don’t believe gossip on Twitter (unless you are following the British Monarchy’s official Twitter). If we did, the Duchess of Cambridge would have been in labor a dozen times already.

And obviously, everyone involved with the birth has been sworn to secrecy until royal officials have made their official announcement. That will include the 70-year-old obstetrician, Marcus Setchell, who will deliver the future monarch, after he postponed his retirement to help Kate through the birth.


So it sounds like we will have to be kicking it old school to get the news yet again.

Let the royal baby fever commence!!!

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