The Indy Twitterverse went all kinds of crazy Wednesday night after Justin Bieber’s July 10th show at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, when his tour bus allegedly pulled up and parked in front of one of Broad Ripple’s most popular hot-spots: The Vogue. And there’s photographic proof.

I was actually tipped off about this on Thursday morning by a co-worker who says he saw Justin’s tour busses pull up to The Vogue and some of his guys appeared to come out and try to talk The Vogue staff into letting him in. Mind you this is all speculation based on what he says he saw… ANYWAY, he said it appeared that the staff DENIED him, since obviously he’s underage.

No photos have turned up of Justin physically being inside the club, but this photo did pop up on Twitter by @ashleyreed09, where it’s obvious that those busses are indeed in front of The Vogue (you can tell by the new parking structure that is pictured behind the busses, which—as any regular Broad Ripple patron would know— are right across from the Vogue).

There’s no picture evidence of Biebs actually being physically inside the club, which means that [so far] the “The Vogue denied him at the door” stories I have heard from my sources do check out.

HOWEVER, it sounds like something else veryyyyyy juicy took place on his bus right outside the club.

And from there…I’ll let Twitter do the talking…

With that, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions….

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